Before sending us an email, please read the following and see if it answers your question.

Questions about order status:

I can assure you that your order is being processed, packed, and will be shipped as soon as possible. I try to have all orders sent the next day, but that is not a guarantee. If you were able to order it, then I will be able to send it, and it will be sent ASAP. I will not spend too much energy on replying to order status requests as I will be focused on processing your order(s). 

Questions about sponsorship:

It really is best not to even ask. I promise you, I will not sponsor someone who asks me to sponsor them. I will reach out to those I want on the team, not the other way around. I don't mean to sound harsh, but it really is that simple. Also, EFB is still young, and not ready to start a team just yet. 

Questions about product availability: 

Nothing would make me happier than to have all products available all the time, and everyone purchasing them all day every day. However, there are going to be times that the stock is low and I am spending my spare time rebuilding the stock. Keep your eyes on the IG page as I will most likely announce when a stock drop is coming. I will probably not reply to emails asking when a product will be available. 

Questions about shapes/molds:

Please check out the "about" section. Everything anyone needs to know about the shapes, the brand, etc. is on that page, and I will try to update it periodically. That is not to say that I won't chat about my products, but it is best to comment on IG posts as that is where I prefer to discuss these things so that everyone can be a part of that conversation.  

Custom decks:

Custom orders are at enso's discretion. It is definitely not out of the question, but as ensofb grows, the goal is to spend time on providing decks the public. Do not let that stop you from asking, just please don't take it personally if your request is denied or if it takes longer than expected. 

 Do you accept trades?

ensofb will not accept trades at this time. If a trade does take place, it is because I initiated it, or someone that I have a history of trade with initiated it and it will never be processed through the website. I'm not telling you not to ask, but you most likely won't get a reply.

Why not capitalize "enso"?

Principles before personalities. ensofb is more than just a company name, a social media personality, or a handle. It is an idea, an ideal, a principle. You may end up seeing enso written or typed in different ways, e.g. enso, ens0, ensO, ENSO, etc. 

International Shipping PSA:

For international shipping, we are not responsible for your local customs/duty fees. Each country is different and has their own fees and regulations.